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Led by Vivien Aiton, Vivandi Consulting specialise in business transformation. From Europe to Asia via the Middle East we have successfully worked on over 20 projects. These include start-ups; helping source retail sites, company offices and customer service locations. Recruiting for and setting up sales, customer service and marketing functions; developing distribution channels and initiating and implementing strategies to enable company growth.


Vivandi Consulting has supported various companies requiring a change of direction, help with improving customer confidence and increasing market share. I put people in place, working with the existing teams, to evaluate the gaps and changes needed to achieve the desired outcome.


For almost two decades I have worked across the globe directing a variety of commercially focused teams for both established and emerging multi-national telecommunications ventures.


I don’t just tell you what you need to do – I work with you to make it happen.


One of my greatest assets is the ability to work with and inspire multi-cultural teams to achieve excellent results.


To find out more about Vivandi Consulting and what I can do for you please get in touch now.

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